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ho chit!

Mars ran away last night.

Well, we let him out and he didnt come back for more than 8 hours.

I went out to look for him in front of my house around 8.30p, at the corner of Laurel and Blackburn, and saw a pittbull and of course wanted to pet him. I leaned down to pet him with my back to the street and heard a huge crunch 2 or 3 feet behind me when an Astro van had run into a bicyclist.

The van hit the bike so hard it was facing the other direction and the guy was rolling around on the street. 911 was called and the old couple from the van kept poking at the kid. Luckily there were a bunch of people around, including a bunch of his friends (they live up the street).

However the people who hit the kid drove off. The cops came, the fire department came, the ambulance came, i waited around and waited and finally got talked to.

Luckily nate got the description and plate number of the van but shit.

I freaked out a little, not gunna lie.

Mars came back though.