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Wisdom from my Mother

"Again, I love you every minute. It doesn’t matter if you “fall apart so much.” That’s part of you. Like eating too much at Thanksgiving, it’s going to happen. We have to try to protect ourselves from letting it happen. If we can’t then we just need to minimize the times it happens or the issue itself by protecting ourselves by wearing an elastic waistband."

Dear 2009

yes, hello there. It’s Kat. you may know me from such years as 1986, 2004, 1776 and 2008. I just wanted to give you a heads up that so far, these past three months? You have failed at being as awesome as promised.

Proof: [edited list]

* 3 friends in the hospital in 3 months
* Moving out of 202
* Nate losing his house
* Chelsea losing her house
* Chelsea’s guinea pigs
* Jesse needing to move away
* Damaging my articulated cartilage in my knee
* My computer exploding inside
* Phuongs surgery
* Pati’s turning into a piece of shit college bar
* a bad hair cut
* Bing’s Grandma dying
* Bing’s family trying to steal her dead G-Ma’s ashes
* Ryans intestine exploding
* losing $40 on the bus when I wasnt even drunk

I could go on, 2009, but I think Ive proven my point fairly well. Granted a few good things have come out of these past three months but dude - not nearly enough to make up for it. And thats just in the sphere of influence that directly affects me. There is so much more, you know?

Please shape up? We have 9 more months of you and I need them to turn around really badly. Thank you.

(I was going to end this with “No Love, Kat” but instead I think I will end it as follows, 2009, because it seems more accurate.)

With hope,

Westly: Shouldn't you be in school young lady?
Kat: haha!
final turned in yesterday
instead i am working! (shhh! dont tell!)
Westly: Work it girl!
Kat: hahah!
i do what i can
i would much rather be out in the sun, however
Westly: Ah yes, the warm sun. I need to take my car to San Jose to get it worked on but I really don't feel like it.
Kat: eww
Westly: Id b stuck in San Jose for the afternoon
Kat: there is nothing there worth it, either
Westly: er be.
There are a few museums that are cool
And Original Joe's Italian is really nice.
Kat: oh! the jewmu is there isnt it?
Westly: But those are all spread out... and I don't feel like going.
I was thinking the Tech museum or the Rosacrutian.
Kat: oh man! rosacrutian for sure!
Westly: I KNOW! First Tuesday of every month its FREE
Ive been there 3 times in my life.
Kat: ive been once? twice? both times on school field trips that gave us not NEARLY enough time
Westly: If I wasn't going to drop off my car to have it worked on at a friends shop, I would totally be into going there.
But I don't want to waste my afternoon doing that.
I should just bite the bullet and take it some place close.
Kat: hurrr
why do you go all the way to san jose?
(unintentional rhyme oh gosh)
Westly: the drummer for our band has a shop there.
And nice use of hurrr
Kat: hahaha
Westly: I see you read QC.
Kat: oh god daily
Westly: +1 awesome point
Kat: im glad you noticed the reference
i say it all the time and no one picks up on it
they just assume its another of my quirks
Westly: Hahaha
Hello? I said I was a geek.
Kat: truuuue
Kate Beaton?
Westly: No, though Ive seen it.
Kat: she has a book coming out
i nearly peed in geeky joy
Westly: I do Red Meat, /gu(gamer comic), and penny arcade
Do I have to place mats down for you?
Kat: not yet
the cover was potentially going to be QE1 so the history / ren faire nerd in me was a little too happy
Westly: mental note: buy chew toys.
Kat: hee
Westly: Are you going out tonight to enjoy Irish heritage?
Kat: most likely
but unsure of plans as of now
my hobo is bailing to be with his (super stressed about finals) lady
Westly: promote premarital sex.
Tell em it'll take care of all that stress.
Kat: that is most def NOT the problem
especially since they are both ex mormons
You almost had me choking on Reese's Pieces candy
Kat: hahah! YESSSSSS
Westly: If Im gonna die fat and bloated, can it not be by candy?
Kat: i will do my best to prevent it, yes
Westly: WOOHOO!
Kat: plus Mars is a doctor
Westly: No Elvis death impersonation for me!
Kat: hahahaha
Westly: KITTY!
Kat: if you do die that way im going to shove you into the bathroom
just for the notoriety
Westly: Make sure I'm in a sequence jump suit
Kat: i will hand craft it
Westly: hahaha
Kat: lovingly
like chris isaaks mom
Westly: hahahahahahahaha
Kat: think lots of mirrors
Westly: Sounds more like Liberache
Kat: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y56/AllerabraB/2008mirror1.jpg
Westly: oh no
Kat: mwahahaha
Westly: I am in awe in A) how quickly you were able to link that and B) a bit intimidated that you're aware of it's reflective exsistence.
Kat: he wore it to a show i went to. his mom really did make it.
it was really impressive and terrifying at the same time
Westly: What a wicked game you play.
Kat: also: somehow I am a quick linker. i dont know where it came from
i know when somebodys cryin'
Westly: Can you just let me know if it can't be me?
I wait alone each lonely night... in a blue hotel.
Kat: :)
Westly: okay time for me to restart the computer and eat. I'll talk to you soon.
Kat: nomnomlater
as in
and later gator
eat later
or anything like that


Housing Search

So, I sent this email about a house i found on craigslist:

THE LETTERCollapse )

This was the response:

Hello Kat,
The room is still open. Your response is pure gold! I have Sunday off so if you want to meet up then, let me know. My phone #xxxxxxxxxx. Thank you for replying.


it kind of made me crack up :)


Mar. 12th, 2009

oh shit oh shit i asked the alhambra guy out and he said ok wow
phuongeatworld: you are my knife now.
phuongeatworld: if you moved in with me and i had to support you and everything
i could say
you are my strife now.
phuongeatworld: if i stole your beer
i could say
you are my miller high life now
me: god i love you so much
phuongeatworld: haha
phuongeatworld: i'm sad that these twilight jokes are just an us thing
i wish we could make t-shirts and everyone would get it
me: yeah...
nate gets them
phuongeatworld: hah
me: but its not the same
phuongeatworld: but he's also embarrassed.
but he calls me his husband cause i told him he was my wife now
phuongeatworld: HAHAHA



lkamarican4:  gahhhh. meetings.
dont know
 me:  <3 at least i love you
 lkamarican4:  and i love you
im thinking....we should begin thinking about when im escaping
and coming to find you
 lkamarican4:  when in the summer were you thinking? (and for how long)
 me:  whenever you want and however long you want!
 lkamarican4:  i'll be there the whole summer
 me:  hahah!
that would be awesome
 lkamarican4:  and just mail my rent checks
to ensure that my mother...kills me.
 me:  hahaha
 lkamarican4:  2 weeks?
 me:  and i might even be able to take a few days off
 lkamarican4:  that enough time
too much?
 me:  i hope you dont get bored : (
 lkamarican4:  please
im in cincinnati
with a surprising number of people from kentucky
and farms
 me:  hahahah
i will just have to work during the day is all
unless i quit my job before then
 lkamarican4:  thats fine. i'll be in CALIFORNIA
ive never been there
 me:  eee! so exciting
 lkamarican4:  so i'll walk around with my humid hair
im getting tickets now
 me:  ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
 lkamarican4:  because im sooooooo excited
and it will get me through my awful class
i'll get the tickets. and then call my mom
 me:  hahahaha
 lkamarican4:  cos i like it when she cant stop me
 me:  you are the best daughter everrr
 lkamarican4:  same approach i take to taking tonto to the beach
and driving home
  lkamarican4:  june 30-july 13
one ticket left
im getting it
 me:  EEEE!
 me:  im like
so excited i cant stop smiling
oh chit
what if we hate each other in real life?
 lkamarican4:  um. possible?
 me:  <3
 lkamarican4:  how could we hate each other. we're going FIELD RUNNING
in case u thought i was joking
so not
finding field
 me:  i know of several
to run in
 lkamarican4:  YES
there arent any
just some corn fields
 me:  ewe
 lkamarican4:  which would mean we'd get the second half of the experience
which is old man approaching telling us we're hurting his field
theres fields in the dog shelter. but they;re rather small
since theyre for dogs
not people
 me:  not the same
i have a small-medium
a medium (school)
and a large open
so there will be time to CHOOSE
 lkamarican4:  YES
 me:  or just use all three
June 30 - July 13?
 lkamarican4:  yep :)
 me:  eeeeeee
 lkamarican4:  i get in 645 pm on the tue. leave a couple mondays later at 10:05
lkamarican4:  although flying back i have 4 hours that i chill in utah
you will have to talk to nate about what to do there
 lkamarican4:  be mormon?
 me:  hahaha! <3 yes
Beren: Haha last night as I was closing at work one of my coworkers sent me a picture of him holding STEEL RESERVE. I sent him a response picture of my middle finger. Cause I was still at work. Then I told him I was jealous.
me: you should always reply with the video of me laughing and holding STEEL RESERVE
(it will imply you are drinking 211 with a cute girl!)
Beren: Wow I didn't even think of that. You are one smart cookie.
me: tee! i do what i can
Beren: I'm gonna make my new PIN for my debit card 0211
Now you can steal my monies.
Or STEEL my monies
me: hahaha
how bout i just STEEL your RESERVE
Beren: Well that might be all fine and dandy, but ill need my RESERVE to get to CA to STEEL your heart.
me: hahahah
211 humor is the best
Beren: Totally. It negates all the alcoholic insinuation. "Well, gee, we only drink it for the jokes!"
internet why are you so addicting i need to go home and feed my cat gosh

also: where has all my grammar run off to? I used to be able to use real sentences and now it is all "lol no idk jkjkjklololol"


blurrrr. internets makes me dumm